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Monday, October 06, 2003

Articles of Interest

Today's on-line version of the Wall Street Journal had an editorial discussing Rush Limbaugh's alleged drug problem. I think they missed the real story and I sent them my comments. Both the text of their editorial and my response are linked below.

Rush to Judgment.doc
Comment - Rush to Judgment.doc
posted by Michael 5:28 PM

Articles of Interest

The October, 2003 issue of Atlantic Monthly contains an article by Mark Bowden entitled “The Dark Art of Interrogation”. While generally fascinating and well researched, this article repeats an old myth about extensive testing of LSD by the Army and CIA. I use this as an example of the extent of government disinformation programs and the validity of the old adage about truth being stranger than fiction.

Through the Looking Glass.doc
posted by Michael 3:17 PM

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